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ACM Awards.... Awards!!!

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Like a lot of people did, I spent my Sunday night watching the ACM Awards. I enjoyed them for the most part. I thought Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan did a pretty good job hosting the show, I liked most of the performances and I thought most of the awards winners were deserving. I always enjoy the ACMs and this was no different.

I love looking back on award shows, so I've decided to come up with ACM Awards... Awards. I've come up with my own categories and awarded different people on these awards. These are all made up, so they can't be wrong... Well, I hope not anyway. Here we go...


BEST PERFORMANCE: Garth Brooks & George Strait - This one really wasn't fair. They said Garth Brooks was performing and that instantly became the front runner. Then, they said that he was performing with George Strait. Game over. Sure there were other good performances. I really liked the Tim, Taylor & Keith performance, Eric Church's raw performance and Miranda Lambert's performance... But they're not Garth and George.

WEIRDEST PERFORMANCE: Little Big Town - It was a decently cool idea, but I was just so distracted the whole time. I mean, a couple in a vertical bed, in harnesses. Just your basic Sunday night, I guess. I couldn't even pay attention to the song, which is a shame, because it's a good song. Although, I bet sleeping like that is good for your back. Maybe I should try it.

BEST PRESENTER: Shania Twain - They saved the best for last... That's probably why they saved Shania Twain to present the last award. I almost forgot how pretty she is. Almost. I will never forget again. She's just on another level and I'm thankful for that.

MOST SURPRISING AWARD WINNER: Luke Bryan for Entertainer of the Year -  I know, I know... It's Luke Bryan and I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack for this, but I really couldn't believe he won. I like Luke Bryan, I really do, but he JUST started headlining his own tour less than a year ago, when all of the other nominees have been doing that for a while. My pick was Jason Aldean and I thought if he didn't win it, Blake Shelton would. Luke Bryan was opening for Jason Aldean on his tour for a long time, so this was just confusing to me.

BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Luke Bryan for Entertainer of the Year - Maybe this will help me out of the hole I dug myself with the last award. Although I was surprised that Luke Bryan won EOTY, I loved how he handled it. I don't think he could believe it either. His speech sounded genuine and was awesome. He didn't know what to say. Miranda Lambert's multiple acceptance speeches were a close second, but Luke's was the best.


All in all, I enjoyed the the ACM Awards this year. They never seem to disappoint. Although, after announcing that Garth was performing, they'd have to really try to screw it up. Congrats to all the winners and I won't even go on my tirade about how bad they screwed up by not having Lee Brice's "Hard 2 Love" album up for the Album of the Year award... Of course, Luke Bryan's "Tailgates & Tanlines" was released 2 years ago and still got a nomination, so maybe Lee will be up for it next year.



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