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The Grammy Awards - My Country Music Breakdown

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I'll admit that I didn't actually plan to watch The Grammy Awards last night. To be honest, I took a late afternoon nap and didn't wake up until they had already started. I had nothing else going on, so I figured I'd watch to see what non-country music I'm missing out on (not much) & to see what country stars won their own Grammy.


So, here's the country music awards breakdown:


Who won: Zac Brown Band's "Uncaged"
Who should have won: Miranda Lambert's "Four the Record"

Don't get me wrong, I love the Zac Brown Band, but if you've listened to them for a few years, you might agree with me when I say "This is their worst album ever... By far." I don't hate it or anything, but Miranda Lambert's "Four the Record" was fantastic, with several #1's, including "Over You", which I think was the best song of 2012.



Who won: Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away"
Who should have won: Eric Church's "Springsteen"

When I first saw this, I was dumbfounded. Now that I've had some time to reflect, I understand it more. I don't think "Blown Away" is great (I'll get more into that later). That's why I couldn't believe it. Then, I realized that this was for "country solo performance" and not "country song". I'll admit that her vocal performance is great in the song, I just think "Springsteen" deserves every award possible.



Who won: Little Big Town's "Pontoon"
Who should have won: Little Big Town's "Pontoon"

As much as this song annoys me after hearing it 10 thousand times, I can't argue with it. I know it was huge and is still big. I can't justify giving the award to any of the other nominees. Well deserved.


Who won: Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away"
Who should have won: Eric Church's "Springsteen"

I COULD NOT BELIEVE this one. As I stated before, I don't think "Blown Away" is that great. It's not. There's nothing you can say to change my mind. Carrie is great, don't get me wrong... Just this song. Not great. "Springsteen", on the other hand... Fantastic. The only way I would say that "Springsteen" should not get an award is if it were to go up against Miranda Lambert's "Over You", and that'd be a tough call between those 2. I mean, this was dumb. A disgrace in my eyes.



Although I didn't agree with all of the awards, I still enjoyed the show. I loved the Miranda & Dierks performance. I'm hoping we get to see something similar when they come to the Q in April.


Non-country music notes:

  • Justin Timberlake is the man. He killed his performance. I'm so pumped that he's back.
  • I don't know a whole lot about this Frank Ocean guy, but I think after his performance last night, his new name should be Frank Pond. Just horrible. Even Jenny didn't approve of his performance of "Forrest Gump".


What'd you think of the Grammy Awards???




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