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'American Idol' Liar

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What a disappointment. I mean, out of all the 'American Idol' audition episodes, I teared up at least once per episode. One of the times that I teared up was during Matt Farmer's audition. He was supposedly a wounded war veteran who defied odds by having a kid... Actually, just watch his audition:



So, after his audition and his story aired, the truth has come out. He said he was injured in combat, but apparently, he mixed alcohol with acne medicine and that affected  him like this. He said he's been lying about it for years. He wanted to be on TV, I get that, but I just feel that there's some things you just don't lie about. I guess he was actually in the military, but didn't get injured in combat like he claimed. I thank him for his service, but don't appreciate his dishonesty.

And this is why I'm team Johnny Keyser!!!



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