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American Idol Is Back!!!

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I'm a huge 'American Idol' fan. I've watched every season since it started.... Some more than others, but still, I've watched a ton of it over the years. You see all of these new shows like 'The Voice' and 'X-Factor' and you know they're trying to reach what 'Idol' had when it first started. It was huge. It's still pretty big, but not like it was. I'm a fan of it more than the other shows, because it is the original.

There are certain things I wish were different, like the judges. I was a huge Simon fan and still am. He's hilarious and honest. I miss him on the show. This season's judges would be fantastic, if we could trade Nicki Minaj for Simon. We're 2 episodes in and Nicki is already driving me nuts. I think Mariah Carey is pretty annoying, but I think she'd be OK if Nicki were gone. Those two's arguments are out of control.

I'm not sure why, but I was nervous for Keith Urban. I guess it's just because I want him to do well. So far, so good. He's very likable and different from the other judges. I think the producers were smart for bringing him aboard.

I love to make predictions. That way I can brag if I get it right and not mention it if I get it wrong. It's all for fun, anyway. I realize we're only 2 shows in, but I see Johnny Keyser going far. He auditioned and made it to Hollywood last year and I thought he was a lock for the 'Top 12', but somehow, he didn't make it. But, he's back and I'm pumped for him to make me look smart.

I also really like Mackenzie Wasner. She was the first one to perform in Chicago on Thursday night. She's 17, from Tennessee, country and her dad plays with Vince Gill. She rocks. She would have been my pick if it weren't for my main man Johnny Keyser coming back later in the episode.

I'm sure my predictions will change multiple times, but those are who I'm going with right now. Who's your favorite so far???



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