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Chick Flick vs. Chick Flick

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Nicolas Sparks rocks. Well, I assume. I've never read any of his books, but I've seen several of his movies. I like to do manly things like hunt, watch & play sports, eat steaks & a lot of other things. But, I do enjoy a good chick flick. I feel that a majority of men do, I'm just one of the few that will admit it.

Anyway, back to Nicolas Sparks' movies.... "A Walk to Remember" was on TV while I was at my parents' house the other day. After my sister-in-law saw this, she made a comment about how this movie was Sparks' best movie.

I was shocked. I mean, shocked! I thought it was universal knowledge that "The Notebook" was Sparks' best movie. We're talking Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling & maybe the best love story of all time. How could this not be not only the best Sparks' flick, but best chick flick of all time?

So, after it was brought to my attention that not everyone agrees with me, I proposed the question on Facebook: Which is better, "A Walk To Remember" or "The Notebook"? I got a pretty good response and both movies were well represented. Now, I ask you... Which movie is better? 

Wait! Before you decide... Watch this real quick, then decide:



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