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My Day Back in High School

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I surprised myself when I showed up for Halfway's Career Day today. I expected myself to head straight for the Principal's office out of habit. I didn't. In fact, I went the whole day without being sent to the Principal's office. My mom would be proud.

I was asked a few months ago to come and speak at Halfway's Career Day. I was flattered and surprised. I've never gone to speak at a career day. I mean, who would want to hear me talk all day? Don't answer that. Anyway, I accepted before they had a chance to change their mind.

Today was the day. I was at the event from about 11:30AM to 2:30PM today. I spoke with 5 different classes & roughly 100 kids. Each class was about 25 minutes long and I'm pretty sure I only made about half of them fall asleep. That's a pretty good success if you ask me.

The classes I was most worried about were the Jr. high kids, because I know how I was in Jr. high. I was an idiot. Well, I'm still an idiot, but I was even more of one then. Surprisingly, the 7th & 8th grade groups were 2 of my favorites. I guess it's because they aren't old enough to realize how lame I am. I almost got the impression that a few of them thought I was cool. I'm glad no one told them otherwise.

I started off a few of my classes with "this will probably be your most unprofessional class of the day". I was just being honest. I felt like it was OK for me to be a little less professional than the other guest speakers, just because that's how I am on the radio. I'm a goof. I didn't want to come across as something I'm not.

Anyway, Halfway's counselor said I did a good job and I only had to get onto one kid for talking. So, I'd say it was pretty successful. I'd like to thank Halfway for having me. Also, you're welcome for giving your kids such confidence today. I'm pretty sure most of them thought "this guy is an idiot and has a cool job??? We can do this!!!". Mission accomplished.Society owes me one.

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