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Hey Restaurants.... Stop Making Cash Angry!

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I like to eat out. I say that because I like food, but hate to cook. It has nothing to do with me liking to try new things. I pretty much go to about 10 different places and just rotate them. Well, after this past week, 2 of those restaurants will be removed from my rotation.

I will leave the names of these restaurants out of the stories. I don't want to give these brands a bad name due to my bad experiences with them. Plus, I've had good encounters with these 2 places in the past, they both just had off nights.


Restaurant 1: I went to dinner with my family about a week ago. I was tired from working all week, so I thought a nice, relaxing dinner would be good. It would have been good, but it didn't happen. I was one of the first of my family to arrive, so I put our name in to get a table. They told me it would be about 20-30 minutes. It was Friday night & a little busy, so I was OK with this.

I stood there waiting with my family watching group after group get called. 45 minutes had passed and still nothing. I'm not one to keep quiet when I feel like there's a problem. So, I walked up to the hostess, but before I could say anything, she said "I haven't forgotten about you. It's almost ready." This was a lie.

So, we kept waiting. They wouldn't have said anything to me or my family about it taking longer than expected if I wouldn't have walked up there. It had now been over an hour and after I made several comments to my family loud enough for the hostess to hear, they were finally getting our table ready. We thought it was our table, anyway. Nope. It was another similar numbered group. We finally caught a break. The group that was suppose to get the said table, had done what my family should have done long ago. They left.

So, we finally got a table by default. No apology. Nothing. I was fuming, you guys. I can take people messing up. What I will not stand for is people messing up, it obviously affecting someone else & nothing being said about it. To let them know just how I felt, I had a Costanza-like comment on the way out. They asked if we enjoyed everything, to which I replied "No!" and walked out. I showed them.


Restaurant 2: This next encounter with bad service happened a few days ago. I was with my roommate and my friend. After spending 20 minutes deciding where we wanted to eat, we finally decided on a place. Horrible decision.

This restaurant was busy as well, so I understood that we might have to wait. They took my name and said it would be 5-10 minutes. I could handle that. We just stood there by the cold door and waited for them to call us up. Right after that, a group of 4 and a group of 3 walked in right behind each other.

A different host was now up front. The group of 4 walked up to him and he led them to an open table. I was dumbfounded. The original hostess was back up front by the time I realized what was happening. After I heard her tell the group of 3 that their wait would be 20-30 minutes, I asked her "Did you guys just seat someone else?" She said no. I then told her that the other host did. Miscommunication.

This all happened just days after my other bad restaurant experience, so I wasn't gonna take it. My inner Costanza came out: "I put my name in for a reason!!!" I said while walking away. My 2 friends, were watching by the door. One of them loving it, the other embarrassed. I turned to them while walking towards the door and said "Let's go, I'm trying to prove a point!" So we left. They lost our business that day.


I'm really not trying to complain, although I did complain a lot here. I just get frustrated when a company pays you to do a job and you don't do it. No matter your occupation, take a little more pride in it and try to make your customers happier than these folks did.

Rant, over.

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