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My Favorite Interaction With An Artist Ever

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I'm not stupid (debatable, I'm sure). I know how fortunate I am to have the job that I have. After concerts, I usually hear "you're so lucky" about 100 times. Everyone who tells me that is right. I've been blessed with many great experiences thanks to my job. Last night was one of them.
If nothing special would have happened last night, it still would have been a great night. I saw 4 very talented artists, talked to some great listeners & was once again reassured of how fortunate I really am. But, something special did happen...
Let me preface this story by saying I'm a huge Thomas Rhett fan. As he said on stage last night, his first 'radio stop' of his career was at KTTS. So, I got to see him perform in our conference room in January of this year. I was so impressed that day, I started looking into him. I was super impressed with him as a singer, as a songwriter and as a person. Since then, I've been a huge supporter of his.

The story:

The green room is where all of the artists hang out before and after their set. We had some things stored in there that we needed towards the end of the night, so we were going back and forth, carrying boxes out of the room. While we were doing so, Thomas Rhett and his record label representative, George, were the only ones in there. I've met and been around both of them several times, so I'm fairly comfortable around them.

I first joked with Thomas, "I can't believe you didn't call me up to do the rap part of 'Front Porch Junkies'." He then replied "Dude, you were nowhere to be found, besides, you would have choked anyway." I laughed and agreed with him. Ice, broken. Now I could ask him what I really wanted to ask.

Thomas has a song called 'Ride Around With You' that I've been obsessed with since I heard it. I've only heard a demo of it, but it may be my favorite song, lyrically, ever. I have always wondered why he has never actually recorded it. So I asked.

He was surprised I had even heard it, since there's like one YouTube video of the song (which I can't find now). I assured him that I had and I loved it. He then gave me some good news: "We're actually heading into the studio this week and that song is in the pile of songs to record." My heart smiled a little.

That would have been enough for me, because he answered a question I had had for several months. What happened next was just unbelievable.

He then asked me if I knew the words and I confirmed that I did. So, he grabbed his guitar. I thought he wanted me to sing. "I don't sing" I told him. "Just get me started," he replied. He couldn't even remember the first line to his song that he had written. I had to help him with it.

After he was reminded of the lyrics, he proceeded to play about a minutes worth of the song. Coolest thing ever.

Again, he expressed his surprise for me thinking so highly of the song. I told him it was a killer song and then asked George if I got a cut of the earnings if it became a hit. They laughed. I wasn't joking.

After slacking off for those few minutes, I figured I should get back to work. So, I started heading out of the room. I got one last shot in: "You're welcome when that song goes #1, Thomas." Boom. A Costnaza-like line to leave the room on. I think they laughed. Yes, I choose to believe that they did.

That may not sound like that big of a deal, but if you knew how much I love that song, you'd understand. I seriously tweet a lyric from that song about every other day.

Some people might think that because I'm in radio, I'm not a fan like other people. Let me assure you that I am. I love country music and appreciate talent when I see it.

This whole situation would have never happened if it weren't for our great listeners. Thank you so much for making the KTTS 40th Birthday Bash such a huge success and such a memorable night!




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