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What To Do In Vegas???

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A week from today, I'll be waking up in Vegas... That should be a song. Anyway, as of Monday, I'll be Vegas bound. Assuming I don't win the Powerball tonight, I plan on getting rich in Vegas. I'll be there for a few days, but I can only make so much money. I need some ideas on what to do with the other part of my trip.

I was wanting to see Tim & Faith's new show while I was there, but of course, it starts the day I'm leaving to come back to Springtown. So, I'll be there for 4 nights and am up for anything. Anything legal, that is....

Have you ever been to Vegas? What did you do? Feed me your ideas....

**Side note: Yes, I will be away from the Cash Shack for a few days. But, if you're a bad guy, don't get any ideas. My 2 roommates will still be there with my security system and my gun. Also, I'm pretty sure Jay Cross knows martial arts, too. So, stay away!


 I plan on this happening at some point....

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