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No Shave November For St. Jude - Day 5

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November 5th, that means we're 5 days in to one of the best months of the year. What makes it one of the best? The fact that I don't have to shave all month and actually have a good excuse for it. Later in the month, when someone asks me why I don't shave the ridiculous thing on my face, I can just tell them it's for the kids.

It is all for the kids. I always do No Shave November, but now I'm trying to raise awareness for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the process. I ask that you donate to my No Shave November page to help out the kids in need at the hospital. If you've never had a chance to visit St. Jude, I would recommend doing so. It's an unbelievable place that touches so many lives.

I talked to a lady today who had a grandchild who needed the help of St. Jude. And although it was such an unfortunate circumstance, all she could talk about was how great of a place St. Jude is. It takes money to run this great place and that's where you can help. Please make a donation, however big or small and 100% of it will go to help this kids in need.

Click here to donate!!!


This is wear it gets embarrassing... I'm 5 days in and this is all that I have so far:

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