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Cardinals' Baseball- Dreadful to Watch on TV

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I love everything there is to love about St. Louis Cardinals' baseball. I love going to games. I love talking about the team. I love watching them on TV. In the NLCS, one of these things is being questioned.

Don't get me wrong, I'd watch the Cardinals on TV if it was being filmed by a 12 year old kid and announced by Flava Flav & Fran Drescher, but FOX is testing my loyalty. I'm always pretty critical of broadcasting, just because I happen to be in broadcasting and take it seriously. And in my opinion, there are 2 things that are just horrible about the games:


1. The behind-the-plate camera angle. As far back as I can remember, the go-to camera angle for a baseball game has been from behind the pitcher, facing home plate. It was developed early and unlike a lot of things, I don't think it can be improved. But, everyone in this world is trying to stay one step ahead and I'm guessing that's what FOX is trying to do with this behind-the-plate camera angle. Too bad it's horrible. Every time they go to this angle, I'm completely lost; I can't see if the pitch is actually a ball or strike. If the ball is hit, it's hard to tell where it's heading. I'm assuming (yes, I know what assuming does) that someone high up at FOX came up with this idea and everyone else is afraid to tell them how bad it is. There's no way everyone at FOX thinks this is a good idea. I mean, no way.

2. Joe Buck & Tim McCarver. You'd think it'd be enjoyable, as a Cardinals fan, with 2 guys who have such ties with the Cardinals organization calling the games. For me, that couldn't be more wrong. For some reason, in the past, I've always defended Joe Buck as a play-by-play broadcaster. I guess it's because of his dad, Jack, who was such a legendary St. Louis broadcaster. I can't stick up for him anymore. His partner, Tim McCarver, who played for the Cardinals years ago is even worse. Playing in the MLB, McCarver has to know about baseball. He's trying to convince us otherwise with his asinine comments. It's obvious that both guys are trying to distance themselves from their ties to the Cards, but they are taking it too far. With their love for Marco Scutaro to their giving so much credit to the Giants fan base, when St. Louis is known for their fans. Maybe I'm a little bitter, but these 2 are trying to get me to call them traitors. This duo is suppose to be FOX's top team, but if you heard them call a game, you'd never know it.


With all of that being said, I will still watch every game I can. But that doesn't mean I won't complain about it. FOX owns the rights to broadcast the World Series, so if the Cardinals win tonight, I'll have to sit through at least 4 more of these dreadful broadcasts. I'll gladly do that. I just want a Cardinals win.


Game 6 2011 World Series.... Yes, I was at THAT game.

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