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Tough Mudder - Complete... Barely

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Well, it's over. Finally. I did something this weekend that I even questioned that I could do. I completed my Tough Mudder race. Which, again, is an 11 mile race with 25 obstacles in it.

I know, I know, I'm impressed too, ladies.

I said "25 obstacles," but apparently the multiple steep, muddy hills we had to climb and miles of water and mud that we had to tread through, didn't count as obstacles. It was ridiculous. For real.

I had been training (somewhat) for the last few months and thought I knew all of the obstacles that I was going to endure. There was one surprise obstacle. My least favorite one by far. It was called the "Electric Eel." It was an army crawl for about 75 feet under barbed wire. Not bad, right? Wrong. I should also mention that there were little cords hanging from the barbed wire that had electricity running through them. Each one you touched shocked you. Some worse than others. But, there was no way to avoid them. I caught one in the face. It was a quick pain, but some of the worst pain I've ever been through.

If that weren't enough, the final obstacle was similar, as it had the cords hanging down as well. The cords were much longer, but this time we ran through them.... through a couple muddy hills. Again, terrible. And again, one caught me in the face. This time, it took me down. Luckily, I was almost through them at this point and it was the last obstacle of the entire race. It wasn't fun.

These were my 2 least favorite obstacles, but I should also mention the fact that we had to swim through a dumpster full of ice and water. Not fun. Not fun at all.

After reading this, you might think I'm bragging a little bit. It's because I am. I honestly didn't know if I could do all of this and I did. So, I'm dang proud of myself. I'm a pretty humble guy most of the time, so I'm gonna take this one. So, yeah, I rock. I'll never do one again, but I'm glad I did it.


So, there was this one and one you had to crawl under...



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