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New Album, New Disappointment

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I can't believe I'm going to write what I'm about to write. This is not like me at all. I can only ask that you not judge me for it. With that being said, here goes....

I'm not that excited about Taylor Swift's new album. I know, I know, crazy, right? Very crazy. I've been a Taylor Swift supporter since the very beginning, but now, I have reason to doubt that support. I'm a huge country music fan and when Taylor first started, she played country music. Now, she's slowly moving more and more towards the pop side of things. I can't say that I blame her. I'm sure she can make a lot more money that way and I'm sure I'd do the same if I was put in that situation.

She has released 3 songs so far from her upcoming album, 'Red', which is due out October 22nd. The first one, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is definitely the least country of the 3, but I still enjoyed it. I guess I liked it because she's always had a song or 2 on her albums that was more pop, so I just expected the rest to be country. After releasing the next 2, I'm starting to think that's not the case and that this new album is going to be all pop.

Let me be clear: I'd still marry Taylor Swift at the drop of the hat. All I'm saying is that when she sings to me while we're on our honeymoon, she better sing her older stuff.

Obviously, I'm still going to buy the album and give it a chance, but so far, not so great. I guess I'm just disappointed that we probably won't be playing her songs on country radio as much anymore. This makes Cash sad. Take a listen to what she's released so far....







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