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George Strait To Retire???

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George Strait is a legend in country music. I don't think I'll get any argument from anyone with that statement. So, when I got a text message from a buddy of mine this morning saying "is George Strait retiring?" I had a slight freak out moment. My buddy texted me, because he heard that George Strait had called a press conference in Nashville today.

So, is he retiring? Kinda.

He called the press conference to announce his farewell tour, which is titled "The Cowboy Rides Away." Apparently, it's a 2 year long farewell tour and it will end in 2014. That seems like a pretty lengthy farewell tour, but I guess if you're a legend like King George, you can do whatever the heck you want.

So does this mean he's done with music after 2014? Not exactly.

The big announcement was about him ending his touring career, not his music career. He will start recording a new album in October. He plans to continue making music even after his tour ends. He also said that if a good opportunity for a show comes along after his tour, he'd still do it.

So, to recap:

-George Strait will stop touring after his farewell tour that ends in 2014.

-George Strait will continue making music even after his tour.

-George Strait will not rule out doing a show here and there after his tour.


So, the King pretty much made an announcement about  his retirement without making an announcement about his retirement. He may be the Brett Favre of country music... You know, without all the interceptions and racy pictures sent from his phone. Whatever he may be, I'm glad he's not actually retiring. Long live the King!!!




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