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Prank On Jay Cross

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I'm always up for a good prank, especially if one falls in my lap. My co-workers & I really didn't have to work very hard to get Jay Cross good today. Jay left his phone in one of our studios & went on to work in a different part of the building. My co-worker, Katie, saw the phone & did what every decent co-worker would do. She took it. She brought it up to her office. I was already in there along with our promotions manager, Amanda.

We had Jay's phone, so of course, our first instinct was to change his Facebook status to something embarrassing. Unfortunately, the phone was locked. He was downstairs, while we were upstairs, so we had some room for thought.

We finally decided that we should tell him that an artist dropped by the studio & he missed out on meeting them. Jay's a big Thomas Rhett fan, so that was my first suggestion. But, Amanda quickly pointed out that Rhett was touring in New York tonight. We were afraid that Jay might have his touring schedule memorized, which would make the joke unbelievable. So, after throwing around a few more artist names, we came up with the perfect one: Lauren Alaina. She's still up-and-coming and Jay's a fan of hers, so it was the perfect plan.

We still had his phone, so obviously we had use it to our advantage to make this more believable. So, we all called & texted the phone saying things like "where are you?" and "you're gonna miss out if you don't hurry." But, Jay did not see these texts and missed calls until the next phase.

Next, I took his phone back to where Katie originally found it and left it there. I then found Jay and went into some rant like "Dude, where were you? Lauren Alaina was just here. You missed out." He then responded with something like "Why didn't you call me?". He walked right into that one. I then responded with something to the effect of "We did. We all called and texted you." That's when he realized he didn't have his phone. After a minute of thinking about it, he realized where he left it. When he got to it, he saw his missed calls & text messages that we had sent earlier.

Jay has missed out on meeting artists in the past, so this just added on to his devastation, since he missed out again. The beauty of this thing is that he actually might not know it was all a joke until I show him this blog. Also, he's in the same room as me as I'm writing this. Seriously, 5 feet away from me.

Cash & co-workers: 1
Jay Cross: 0

Your move, Jay, your move.

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