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Bullying Stinks- Don't Do It

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I know this is out of the ordinary, but please allow me to post about something serious real quick: If you are friends with me on Facebook, you might have already seen me post something about this, but I thought I'd go more in depth with it. Bullying stinks. Period. There was a contestant on the season premiere of "The X Factor" who was bullied while she was in school. Her story really got to me. It's amazing that a show like that can send such a strong message, but it did.

While I was in school, I tried to make people laugh as much as I could, no matter what I had to do. I would make fun of other kids. I rarely meant it, but I did it anyway to get a laugh. And when I did get that laugh, I'd continue. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I was too stupid to realize the effect it might have had on some people. 

If I could go back and change what I did, I would. But, obviously, I can't. All I can do is ask that if you're in school today, don't do what I did. People would laugh at my comments and that made me feel good. Think about how selfish that is. And if you're bullying someone right now, think about how selfish you are. Yeah, it might make you feel better, but it could be ruining someone else's life. Not worth it.


If my story didn't convince you, watch Jillian's story below...



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