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Has Football Taken Over Your Life Too?

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It's officially football season. That means several things: There's always something on TV on the weekends, cooler weather is coming, but most importantly, I have no control over my weekend life anymore. Seriously, with college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays, I will be owned by the sport for the next few months.

Let's go over the itinerary for my past weekend:


8am- Wake up
9am- Leave for Columbia for the Mizzou/Georgia football game
12pm- Arrive in Columbia to start tailgating
2pm (roughly)- Fall in love with a friend of a friend while tailgating (sounds promising, I know)
3pm- Realize I forgot sunscreen and start noticing how burnt I am
6pm- Head into the stadium to watch the game
6:45pm- Game starts
10:30pm- Game ends
11:45pm- Finally leave Columbia after dealing with traffic for an hour
2:30am- Arrive home
3am- Finally go to bed

That's right, 8am until 2:30am the next day, all because of a football game. Worth it.



10:30am- Wake up (yes, I missed church. I'm not proud of it)
11am- Start watching NFL Pre-game shows
11:30am- Set my fantasy football line-up
12pm- 1st round of games kick off and I watch
3:15pm- 2nd round of games kick off and I still watch
6:45pm- 2nd round of games end
7pm- Run to get food
7:20pm- Faith Hill comes on my TV and I like it (see video below)
7:30pm- Game starts
10:45pm- Game ends
12a- Finally go to bed and think about football


It's sad, really, but this was my weekend... And I loved it. If Mizzou and my Rams would have both won, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Maybe next week... Gosh, I feel like a Cubs fan saying that. Heeeeeyyyyyyyy-oooooooo!!!


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