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Saying Goodbye To Summer With My Top Song Of The Season

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Summer is coming to an end. Insert sad face here. I love pretty much everything about summer: Being able to wear flip-flops, not having to go to school (like that effects me at all), being able to show off my HUGE arms in a tank-top, going to the lake and the list goes on and on...

But, is it just me, or does music sound so much better in the summer? It might have to do with the fact that you can roll the windows down in your truck while you're listening or the fact that a lot of songs released during the summer are up-beat and have a cool sound.

Now, since summer is over, it's time for me to look back on what my favorite song of the summer was.... It was a tough call and several songs come to mind. But, none more than "Cruise" by Florida-Georgia Line. They just released the music video for the song and it rocks. You can watch it below, along with another video that some punk kids made for the song. Say goodbye to summer with me by watching these videos and cranking them up!!!



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