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My Top TV Couples

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I consider myself a pretty honest guy. There are certain things in my life that I'm not necessarily proud of, but since I don't wanna lie about them, I embrace them. Like the fact that I'm a hopeless romantic. A little embarrassing, maybe, but it's how I'm built. 

About a week ago, I realized that I got a TV channel that showed "The Wonder Years" pretty much every night. I was excited. Then, all of the sudden, the channel was taken away from me 2 days later. I was not excited about this. But, I did get to watch a few episodes and it reminded me about how much I enjoy a good love story (again, not proud of this). Like a lot of people, I'm sure, I always want TV couples to end up together on the show. I actually want them to end up together in real life too, but I guess I can only ask so much. So, what I ask of TV shows is that if the characters in the show are good for each other, they should be together in the series finale. That doesn't always happen. I'll get more into that later. I can do without the surprise ending.

If you've read any of my blog posts in the past, you know that I love lists. So, why not one more? These are my favorite TV couples in no specific order:


Winnie Cooper & Kevin Arnold- "The Wonder Years": You know when I said I'd get more into couples not ending up together on shows later? Well, it's later. The fact that Winnie & Kevin break up in the final episode of the show might be the biggest travesty in fictional TV history. I mean, what were they thinking? I'm still not over it. Anyway, while they were together, they were great. Kevin was constantly trying to act cool, when he wasn't, and for reasons I still don't know, a fox like Winnie ate it up. She was out of Kevin's league for sure. That's probably why I liked them so much. Not only is is it a good love story, but it's an underdog story as well.

Topanga Lawrence & Cory Matthews- "Boy Meets World": Yes, I realize that Cory, played by Ben Savage, is Kevin from "The Wonder Years", played by Fred Savage, brother in real life. I guess I just want their whole family to be happy. I can really relate to Cory's character. Again, he's way out of his league with Topanga, but because he's goofy and a nice guy, he dates the best looking girl at John Adams High. Yes, I can relate to that... Let's forget the fact that I'm sure I'll wear an engagement ring when I get engaged, just like Cory. And the good news here: THEY END UP TOGETHER!!! Unlike that joke of a finale in "The Wonder Years" (sorry, I'm never going to get over that).

Kelly Kapowski & Zack Morris- "Saved by the Bell": If I was doing a list of "the coolest TV couples," obviously the list would begin and end with this duo. I mean, Kelly might be the best looking girl on TV ever and Zack might be the slickest dude ever. Of course they should be together. AC Slater was out of his mind for thinking he had a shot with Kelly at any point. And again, they end up together in the best made-for-TV movie ever: "Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas." Why it didn't go to theaters, I'll never know. The 45 minute chase scene in it is second to none. This show is my favorite of all time and a lot of it has to do with these 2.


Let me be clear.... Although some of this might sound like sarcasm, it's not. I'm crazy about all of these couples and shows and dare you to try to think of better couples! And while you're thinking..... Watch this awesome video:




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