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My Top 5 Non-Comedy Movies

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I say this all the time, but I love lists. I also love comedy movies. It would be almost impossible for me to rank my favorite comedy movies, so I've decided to rank my top 5 non-comedy movies. I'm so indecisive, these might not actually be right. These are just the top 5 I can think of off the top of my head. I always have to preface lists with that due to my horrible memory. You might notice, I reference performances from actors a lot. That's a huge part of what makes a good movie for me. I blame the former theater kid inside of me for that. So, here it is, my top 5 non-comedy movies with #1 being my absolute favorite:

5. "Stand By Me" - Not too many people I talk to have seen this movie. They are missing out. The performances aren't great, but the story line is fantastic and it's always awesome to see a bunch of kids be the stars of movies and actually pull it off.

4. "The Notebook" - Believe it or not, this is the only chick flick I have on my list. I love chick flicks and there were a few that almost made the list, but in order to allow myself to feel a little manly, this is the only one that made it. After all, it is the king (or queen) of chick flicks and it DOES have Rachel McAdams in it. I mean, stop traffic.

3. "The Departed" - This is one of the most offensive movies, when it comes to bad language, that I've ever seen. But, if you look past that, you see a great cast, a great story line & a great movie. I've never thought Matt Damon was a great actor, but it seems like he always picks the right movies. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is just fantastic.

2. "3:10 To Yuma" - I think Russel Crowe is one of the best actors of our time and he's very good, as always, in this film. The surprising thing about this movie is that I usually can't take Christian Bale seriously, unless he's Batman,  but I think this is his best performance.

1. "The Dark Knight" - After seeing "Batman Begins," I thought there was no way this movie could top it. It did. It so did. Heath Ledger gets a lot of credit for his performance in this movie, as he should. One of the best performances in any movie I can remember. Just ridiculous. Add that in with good performances from everyone else, a cool story line and great special effects, you get my favorite non-comedy movie. I can't wait to see "The Dark Knight Rises."


Honorable Mention: "Batman Begins", "Forrest Gump", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Crazy, Stupid Love", "Man On Fire" & many more I'll think of later, I'm sure.


Just a week away.... Can't. Wait.




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