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US Open: Pranksters Welcome

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I'm not a huge golf fan. I watch and play it some and like it alright. I'm just not crazy about it. What I am crazy about: clever, well thought out, hilarious pranks.

I watched a few hours of the US Open yesterday and after almost every shot you could hear someone yell the warn out "get in the hole" line, but there were also some other great, more unique lines. Like the 2 guys yelling "get left" and "get right" back and forth at each other. One of my favorites was when a fan channeled his inner Fred Flinstone and yelled "yaba daba do." It's always a great choice to quote a cartoon in any occasion. I'm sure a lot of golf enthusiasts and the players hated these lines. I understand that, but I love a good joke.

One-liners are great, but pranks got taken to a whole other level after the tournament. Thank goodness this interview was live or I'm sure it would have never been put on TV. Watch and try not to laugh.


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