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CMT Music Awards: What My Twitter Feed Would Have Looked Like

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I was working while the CMT Music Awards were on TV last night. So, I had to record them on my DVR and watch them today. I usually tweet about these shows, but since it was a day late when I watched it, I figured I'd spare your Twitter & Facebook feeds and just do it like this. Below, you can see what my Twitter feed would have looked like if I would have done the usual (insert "#CMTAwards" with each tweet).

@cashonktts Lady A.... Sound as good as they did at the Q in December

@cashonktts Didn't realize the Backstreet Boys were still together & performing with Lady A

@cashonktts Matthew McConaughey appearance? This calls for an "alright, alright, alright... I'm gonna take my shirt off and play the bongos now" #HeyHeyHey

@cashonktts I would be a happy man if I never heard "Red Solo Cup" again.... or if Taylor Swift married me

@cashonktts I'm gonna guess that Kristen Bell didn't actually know all of that info about country music on her own

@cashonktts Gosh, Jake Owen is so cool. I sure wish I could pull off that suit

@cashonktts Is that really Carrie Underwood with Brad Paisley or is it a hologram?

@cashonktts Gosh, the lyrics to "Drunk On You" are dumb... but I still love it

@cashonktts Like the new Zac Brown Band song, but it sounds a like "Whiskey's Gone"

@cashonktts How awkward was that presentation from The Band Perry?

@cashonktts Decent acceptance speech from Scotty McCreery, but I would have liked "It's a dagum CMT Award" better

@cashonktts Ashley Monroe's voice is so awesome #PistolAnnies

@cashonktts Oh hey Jana Kramer, remember when we shared that hug at St. Jude Jam? Maybe we should get married now

@cashonktts Charles. Kelly's. Wife. #GoodToBeFamous

@cashonktts Hank William's tribute sounded awesome

@cashonktts Really wanna like "Pontoon," just wish it wasn't so produced

@cashonktts I wish I could pull off a denim jacket like Scotty McCreery #dagum

@cashonktts Luke Bryan was more excited for Thompson Square's award than Thompson Square was #BigKid

@cashonktts I wonder how many "weed" references can be made for Willie Nelson at award shows

@cashonktts Oh how I love Hayden Panettiere #MarryMe

@cashonktts Kristen Bell straight killin' it as a host

@cashonktts The "Twitter Tracker" things with Lauren Alaina are painfully awkward

@cashonktts Eric Church reppin' the baby face #StillABadMan

@cashonktts Luke Bryan, if I was you, I'd thank my wife too #SupGirl

@cashonktts "Over You" is seriously one of my favorite songs of the year, but still surprised it won

@cashonktts Better 'stache, Alan Jackson or Burt Reynolds? #CashStache

@cashonktts OK, I admit it, I was wrong.... Toby Keith wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Still hate "Red Solo Cup"


So, yeah, you're welcome for not seeing that many posts from me today. Next time, you may not be so lucky. All and all, I was pretty pleased with the awards show. It had everything you could ask for: funny jokes, good performances and most of all, awkward moments.

If you want to see who won the awards (how boring is that), click here!


In case you missed it, here's a recap:





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