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Taylor Swift Deserved Entertainer of the Year

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I talk about it openly, I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. It seems like every time she wins a big award, like she did last night with her Entertainer of the Year award at the ACMs, numerous people come out and say she doesn't deserve it. I'm here to tell you that she does.


Here are a few common responses I hear after she wins an award and my argument against each one:

 "She's not country." - Yes, country has changed, but she is still today's country. She writes her own songs, which you don't see very often anymore and performs them very well. I've been to a concert of Taylor's and know this to be true.

"People don't even like her, how did she win?" - Regardless of your opinion, people love her. She is a huge hit with a lot of fans and a ton of them are in the younger generation. This was a fan voted award that could be done online. I don't think I'm surprising anyone when I say this, but younger people seem to use the internet more than the older generation, especially for things like this. I would assume that a lot of her fans voted the maximum amount of times for her.

"This is the 'Entertainer of the Year award. I've seen her perform, she's not even that entertaining" - This, again, comes down to opinion. She sells out arenas night after night to her self-choreographed shows, makes numerous appearances on TV shows and movies and sells millions of cds. Maybe she doesn't entertain you, but obviously she's doing something right in order for directors, producers, etc. to keep asking her to do the things mentioned above.


Honestly, I could make a case for why each of the nominees should have won Entertainer of the Year last night, but they didn't. I understand if some people don't like her, but to say "she doesn't deserve it" is a little off.... Plus, she looked REALLY good last night. Call me Taylor!!!






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