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What TV Shows You Watch Says A Lot About You

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Personality Profile

A new personality profile by Ad Age reveals how what TV show you watch reveals your personality.

Glee: If you watch ‘Glee,’ you are most likely to be more open-minded, experimental and creative. Gleeks tend to experience emotions (happy and sad) more intensely than others.

Mad Men: Creative people are 41% more likely to watch ‘Mad Men’ than non-creative people. Liberals watch ‘Mad Men’ more than conservatives.

Dancing with the Stars: Traditionalists and compliant, yes compliant, people are the key audience here and are defined as “the opposite of the experiential Gleeks, and instead prefer stability and the tried and true. They respect authority and generally have their feet firmly grounded.”

The Office: This one is rich. Viewers of Steve Carell and the gang have superiority complexes. Yep, people who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch ‘The Office.’ These are the alpha dogs of the bunch that brag a lot and like to be in charge.

Family Guy: This one’s all about rule-breakers and rebels, which account for 61% while risk-takers account for 50%.

The Biggest Loser: They are simply realistic, pragmatic, emotionally stable and low-drama peeps

Real Housewives of Orange County: Pugnacious. Yes, pugnacious is the word best used to describe viewers of this show. We’re talking about your aggressive, antagonistic, drama-queen type of person here.


The one show I watch on this list is "The Office" and I'm not a huge fan of what that says about me. I'm sure I'm so much better than the people that put this together. (Get it?)


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