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Brad, The Band Perry & Scotty: What Were They Like in Person?

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So, after I meet country artists, everyone always asks “what were they like in person?” Well, I’m here to tell you what I experienced:


Scotty McCreery- I was lucky enough to get to talk with Scotty for several minutes and he was as cool as I had hoped. I, of course, was wearing my Bass Pro hat when I met him and he seemed very interested in that. But, let’s get real… who wouldn’t be interested in it? It’s a great hat. Ok, maybe he was more interested in the fact that Springfield is where the original Bass Pro is located, but still… Also, while talking to him, Bobby Baldwin brought up his acceptance speech at the ACA’s this past year. Scotty said something to the effect of “This is cool. I mean, it’s a dagum ACA,” which we just thought was awesome. Bobby and I reference it daily and we told him that. He was very appreciative at the fact that we liked his first speech. So, all around, Scotty seemed like a good dude.

The Band Perry- This was my most brief meeting. It was during their meet-and-greet session, so I only got to talk to them for a minute or 2. But, again, just as I had hoped, they were super nice. One of the brothers (can’t remember which one), like Scotty, asked about my Bass Pro hat and Kimberly commented on how much she like my girlfriend’s dress. Obviously they were into fashion. They were also a joy to be around.

Brad Paisley- I got the opportunity to hang out with Brad for about 10 minutes right before he went on stage to put on that great show. I have to admit, he was a lot different than I expected. He was nice, funny & witty, which I expected, but he was also very mellow. As I said, it was right before he went on stage, so maybe that’s how he prepared for it, but for some reason, I was expecting him to be a little wilder. But, again, he was really nice and likable as a person. It would be easy for a star as big as him to be a jerk, but he wasn’t at all. Much respect.



I’m always nervous before I meet artists that I like listening to. I’m afraid that they are going to be jerks and I will immediately have to stop liking their music. That didn’t happen in this case. Let me just say that I feel so very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet these artists, along with feeling blessed with so many other things with my job. Thank you for making it possible. 

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