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My Boring New Years Resolutions

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Let me begin by saying that I think New Years resolutions are highly overrated. I mean, why can't people decide to (insert resolution here) in the middle of the year? I guess it's because a lot of us think of our resolutions around October. And, of course, we as a society like to procrastinate on everything, so January 1 just seems like a good time to start these resolutions.

That being said, I have a few resolutions:

1. To eat healthier. A lot of people who see me think "he looks like he's in decent shape." This thought is wrong, dead wrong. I'm pretty skinny, yes, but I'm not healthy. If I had a somewhat normal metabolism, I have to think I'd be pushing 300 pounds right now. I eat too much junk food and way too much fast food.

2. To drink less sweet tea. I consume more sweet tea in a week than most people do in a year. For real, it's ridiculous. I wake up the morning and think about sweet tea and fall asleep at night thinking about sweet tea. This will probably be the toughest of my resolutions, because I'm so obsessed with this wonderful drink.

3. To work out more. How boring are my resolutions? They are so typical and boring, I know. I used to play sports growing up and was always in pretty decent shape. But as it turns out, if you stop being active, you fall out of shape. Who'da thunk it? So, yes I need to work out more, so I'm not out of breath walking from the studio to the bathroom.


As boring as these are, they HAVE to happen..... for at least a couple of weeks. What are your resolutions?

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